Work Online


“An Essay on Tolerance” in Cecile’s Writers Magazine

“Butchering” at

“Kill or Be Killed” in Reckoning

“Twenty-One” in Hermeneutic Chaos

“Some Nights in Nagoya” in the Cortland Review

“After a Beer” in Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine 

Book Reviews

“[REVIEW] Floating, Brilliant, Gone by Franny Choi” in PANK


“Death of a Hen” in Catapult

” ‘The Word Jishin (Earthquake) Rumbled Throughout the Theater'” in the Chicago Tribune

“Are Korean Male Idols the Cure to Asian American Emasculation?” in Asian Fortune

“The Importance (And Hardship) of Becoming Bilingual” in Asian Fortune

“Both, Nothing and Everything” in Asian Fortune

“The Question of Disappearance” in NU ASIAN

“Ambiguous and Proud” in NU ASIAN

“Despite Tragic Childhood, Slain Teen Loved Life” in Homicide Watch Chicago

In the News

“18 Year Old Writes First Book From Experiences on Family Farm” in the Peoria Journal Star

“Finding the Magic and Manure in One Family’s Farming Chronicles” in Grist


“Aozora Brockman” in Directory of Writers, Poets & Writers

“Zoe’s Writings” in Brockman Family Farming


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